Thursday, 23 February 2012

Is this for real?

So, 19 weeks pregnant and I have been very good to be honest. I haven’t bought anything for the baby until now. We had the day off on Sunday so after a nice rest chilling out with the cats; we decided to go pram shopping! 

Before being pregnant, I used to ‘hate’ and I mean ‘hate’ prams and people with prams as they always take all the space in the pavement and they never think about anyone else. I remember when I was younger my mum never had a pram and she managed well. She used to carry us in her arms or we just walked anywhere. Thinking about it now it was probably because she couldn’t afford it so I never understood why mums needed them.

Well, here I am now looking for a pram. I get mixed feelings about it but as my partner said, what are you going to do when baby gets tired or you get tired of carrying him? How are you going to manage your shopping, etc? Anyhow, I am sold now. We are very lucky because my partner’s mum offered to buy us the pram as it is an expensive purchase we are not able to do at the moment.  

When we arrived to the baby section, it was a bit overwhelming. Too many things there! Not just prams, but bouncy chairs, car seats, creams, lotions and potions, pillows, mattresses, cots, cot beds, blankets, all sorts really. It’s very weird to be in that situation, a complete alien word to us.

What I did notice is that pretty much everything was pink, blue or cream colours. How boring! It emphasised the fact that we are doing something great at Koolmami. One day, watch this space we will have everything this big shop has and more but in great colours! Rant over.

Now, approaching the prams aisle we saw so many types of prams, different sizes for different occasions we didn’t know where to start! One of the ladies there saw our confusion in our faces and asked us what we wanted from a pram? I mean, I just want it to hold the baby. That’s it. I didn’t think where I was going to use it (city or countryside), how I was going to get myself from A to B (public transport, car or walking) and that was just to start with!

She asked us: ‘do you want a travel system (all in one pram including car seat and carry cot) or do you want just a pram and then you buy everything else separately?’ Of course this was too much too take. I just wanted one thing with everything in it. I can’t think about it separately! It was all so pricey as well as they offer so many extras! She wasn’t very good to be honest because she recommended us to go to a competitor’s shop instead!  

I have found this website since our shopping trip and this one explains very simply the different options. I wished I’ve read it beforehand!

So, off we went to another place. This one at least had a catalogue with all prices and different options. The ladies there were much more helpful and they demonstrated some prams for us. I immediately love the Oyster pram because it was so light and I love the colour! My partner liked the Silver Cross travel system but it was very heavy and boring grey! I could have never lifted that one to the car or anywhere!

We just wanted to test drive them really. I had to decide which one I wanted to tell my partner’s mum so she can get it for us. As the one I wanted wasn’t a travel system when you add things up it would be very expensive so I had no problem in getting a second hand one. This is what most of our friends and Koolmami Facebook fans advised us too.

So it is with great pleasure that I didn’t have to search for this as my partner’s mum was doing all this work for us, yay! Fair play to her, she did surprise us yesterday as she actually won a bid on E-bay and it was a bargain! Check it out! 

I can’t believe it yet that in a few months time I will be pushing a pram. Who would have thought? Anyway, the fun only just started, the list of purchases to get is endless so I’ll let you know how it goes with them soon.

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  1. It is such a nightmare trying to buy baby things and the shop assistants I found only wanted to sell you the most expensive things. I had to rethink a few times as not all of them would even fit in my car! Glad you got a great bargain and are happy with what you chose :)
    Love Mummy Fayola x

  2. Hi Mummy Fayola! I think that was the case to be honest in the first shop we went to. I can't wait to receive it now as it comes in the post, hopefully it will fit in the car! That's what the lady in the second shop said that it fits in the smallest car... We should have checked really now thinking about it... lol x